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 We offer a unique strategy that allows our investor community to prosper with a purpose by investing alongside us in multifamily apartment communities that provide clean, safe, and much-needed, affordable housing in climate resilient markets in the U.S.

Our approach can deliver solid returns while providing an extra layer of security and protection for our investors and residents alike.

Why do we ONLY invest in climate resilient markets?
Because we see risk where others don't, so we provide you with more safety and security in your investments.

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We’re here to help you live life on your terms with passive income opportunities
in climate resilient multifamily real estate syndications so that your dreams can soar.

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Why Invest In Multifamily Real Estate?

Demand for multifamily rental units has grown significantly as a percentage of American housing solutions, and supply cannot keep up. Individuals are simply unable to pay the sky-rocketing cost of purchasing a home. Additionally, because of increased construction, labor and land costs and various other factors, developers simply cannot build affordable housing options to meet their margins, so affordable housing supply suffers. At PCRP Group we seek to purchase affordable, high-demand multifamily apartment buildings to meet this need.

Insurance companies, governments and others who can effect investment returns take it very seriously. That means growing markets outside these climate and natural disaster risk zones will benefit from lower costs, more inward migration and a future where the impact of major storms, flooding, drought and other climate disasters can be significantly reduced. This is why PCRP Group only invests in areas of the US where climate risk is negligible.

PCRP Group seeks to purchase commercial real estate where there is an opportunity to reposition these assets to increase efficiencies, reduce expenses and generate additional revenue streams to ultimately increase cash flow and improve the valuation of the asset. Our investors also receive a share of the profits at sale. These factors coupled with the tax benefits can create extraordinary returns for our investors.

PCRP Group strives to attain assets that can incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives, which has been proven to provide better returns for investors while mitigating risk as much as possible. We seek to improve our investor and resident communities alike by Doing Good While Doing Well – the double bottom line.

When you invest in one of our multifamily properties, your ownership in a LLC – which owns the property – can allow you to partake in pass- through depreciation. This tax strategy could potentially offset your taxable income significantly.

Multifamily investing is the most consistent and reliable way to build wealth, accrue tax benefits and create monthly, tax- advantaged cash flow. No asset class – not stocks or bonds, tech startups or other real estate assets – weathers the inevitable ups and downs of the market as well. To avoid volatility in the stock market, most savvy investors seek sound commercial asset investments to diversify their portfolios.

Inflation diminishes the value of cash over time, but a real asset such as commercial property (specifically multifamily apartments) can be an excellent hedge against inflation because generally the price of real estate increases as the price of goods and services increase. Additionally, the ability to adjust rents during inflationary events is also a compelling advantage that real estate poses as a hedge against inflation.

Real estate is an asset that investors can touch, feel and see. Shares in a company have no real intrinsic value like real estate meaning that a company’s share value can literally be reduced to zero. Real estate, on the other hand, is not the same as buying shares in a company that may be here today and gone tomorrow; real estate has intrinsic value. While valuations of real estate may vary over the life cycle of the asset, the value of the real estate itself is not going to be reduced to zero.

If you want a purpose-driven investment strategy, then we have opportunities for you to invest in clean, safe, and much-needed affordable housing communities.

The need for shelter is a basic human need.

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