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Dina is in charge of investor relations and education platforms for our investors at PCRP Group.


Dina started her real estate investment career in 2002 when she and her husband started LifeWorks, Inc., a residential real estate investment company where she and her husband began the construction rehabbing, acquisitions, management and disposition of single-family homes.  Over the years Dina has spearheaded many entrepreneurial endeavors that have included both residential and commercial real estate companies as well as launching a very successful property management company.


Dina has been investing in both residential and commercial properties in the United States and internationally for the past 19 years and has acquired or has been responsible for overseeing approximately $200 million dollars of assets under management.


Dina is a proficient and highly sought-after real estate investment educator and public speaker. She has traveled extensively across the United States as well as Canada helping individuals find their path to financial independence through passive investments in real estate.



Lori oversees all aspects of the commercial acquisitions and syndication processes for PCRP Group.  She also manages the Business Development and Marketing for PCRP Group. Lori is responsible for procuring and vetting commercial real estate sponsors nationwide in fast-growing, climate resilient markets in an effort to locate exceptional investment opportunities.  Her role also includes working with qualified investors internationally in presenting these US-based investment opportunities (primarily in the Southeast and Midwest regions currently) through syndication platforms. 


Lori has been a well-versed real estate investor since 2003 starting a property rehabbing company whereby she was in charge of all acquisitions, contracts, negotiations, construction oversight, management and disposition of the assets.


In 2004 Lori also founded one of the largest short sale companies in the state of Colorado negotiating with various lenders and servicers to acquire properties at discount and either hold or reposition the assets.  Lori launched her first company in 1996 and successfully sold the business in 2001 and has been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors for the past 25 years.



Michael is a well-known author, analyst, and impact/ESG investment strategist and a co-founder of PCRP Group. He has held senior executive positions at some of the world’s leading research media, financial services and consulting organizations. He has owned investment properties on several continents (Seattle, New York, London and Munich) and at PCRP Group leads the market analysis and sustainable value-add strategies, as well as investor relations.


As CEO of Transformative, and as a senior advisor working with clients in financial services, legal, media, tech and nonprofit sectors, Michael helps businesses shape strategic goals and messages, identify investment opportunities, assess risks and drive strategies toward successful outcomes.

He is also a Senior Advisor to Lynx Global Intelligence. He has held senior management positions at various organizations such as Control Risks, the global risk consultancy where he was a partner, at the investment bank Renaissance Capital, Roubini Global Economics, at the Council on Foreign Relations, and MSNBC.com. He draws on a long and award-winning career as a macro strategist, risk analyst, author, journalist, and a three-time Emmy award winning documentary producer. He also teaches a course in political risk at the Korbel School of International Affairs at Denver University. 


An experienced public speaker, university-level lecturer, and a noted analyst of global political and economic affairs who appears regularly on air and in the pages of major news and financial outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post, CNBC, the Financial Times, the BBC and other outlets.


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Eric began his career in real estate investing in 2002 when he co-founded LifeWorks, Inc., with his wife Dina. Eric was instrumental in conducting extensive market analysis, construction oversight and acquisitions for the company.


With nearly 20 years experience in real estate investment acquisitions nationally and internationally as well as his analytical skills and critical thinking, Eric is an invaluable asset in working with our team of analysts. 


Eric has acquired or was responsible for overseeing more than $200 million assets under management during his career.


Eric is also a highly respected real estate investment educator and coach who has guided hundreds of students in helping them develop and reach their financial goals through real estate investing.



Val began his real estate career with David Cronheim Mortgage Company in northern New Jersey as a real estate analyst. He was a research analyst with Insignia/ESG prior to their acquisition by CB Richard Ellis.


Val worked with Transwestern Atlanta’s successful investment sales team from 2007 through 2015. He focused on financial analysis of institutional and non-institutional office, multifamily and retail properties. Val is currently a Director – Financial Analytics with Newmark’s Denver office.


Val launched Despard Analytics, a commercial financial analysis and modeling firm in 2014 and has grown the business exponentially since that time.


Val obtained a BS in civil engineering from Bucknell University and MBA from Emory University (Goizueta Business School).



Co-founder and CEO of Goodegg Investments, which has syndicated over 6600 multifamily units worth over $800M.  Julie has been investing in real estate since 2009. During that time, she has focused mostly on buy-and-hold rentals, private lending, passive investing through real estate syndications, and active multifamily investing. She has focused on implementing strategic methods to grow her wealth using various alternative investment strategies that have allowed her to leverage money and time so that she can spend more time with her 3 children.



Annie Dickerson, co-founder and COO at Goodegg Investments, which has syndicated over 6600 multifamily units worth over $800M. Annie has invested in multifamily real estate since 2008. Her current portfolio spans multiple markets around the country and includes both active and passive investments. Annie specializes in strategic brand initiatives, investor education, and marketing.



Scott began his real estate career at Alden Torch Financial, at the time the largest owner and operator of affordable housing in the United States. There, he was a financial analyst and then asset manager, personally responsible for a portfolio of 50 LIHTC assets across the country.


Scott also worked in HFF, Inc. as part of the Investment Advisory team. He focused on the underwriting and marketing of institutional retail, middle-market office and industrial properties.


Scott obtained a BSBA in Real Estate from the University of Denver (Daniels College of Business).  He is Argus Enterprise certified.

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To provide our investors passive investment commercial opportunities in climate resilient, fast-growing markets while striving to incorporate ESG initiatives.


To help our investors earn passively and live abundantly by incorporating strategies to minimize risk and enhance returns.


The foundation of every decision we make is a commitment to create security for our investor and resident communities alike by providing the utmost professionalism, expertise and transparency.

Why Climate Risk & ESG Should Matter to You & Your Investment Strategy

And Why Our Approach Can Help Protect Your Capital

The effects of hurricanes can cause a staggering 16% decline in value of an apartment building two years (on average) after the storm.

The number of properties with a substantial risk of flooding has increased 70% from what FEMA originally estimated- likely increasing flood insurance premiums dramatically.

As water shortages increase and fewer water sources become available nationally, properties in drought- prone areas could see values substanially decrease.

Heatwaves and the subsequent increases in energy costs will cause the need to retrofit buildings with additional cooling systems. These increasingly frequent heatwaves WILL negatively impact the income of the asset.

Bottom Line? If you're placing capital in investments that are in climate risk areas, your investment will likely be exposed to:
  • Significant increases in taxes
  • Insurance rate hikes or reduced coverage
  • Asset value loss
  • Increased costs in utilities or retrofitting measures
  • Substantial damage and rebuilding costs

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What is ESG Investing?

Doing Good While Doing Well


Being environmentally conscious or mitigating environmental risk, waste and pollution


Providing socially inclusive and diverse work environments while also focusing on health & safety, local communities and fair wages


Tax strategy, corporate risk management, protecting investor's interests and full transparency

Why Invest In Assets That Focus on Climate Resilience & ESG Initiatives?

Investments that provide a Climate Resilience and ESG vision have been proven to: 

  • Enhance the asset’s performance
  • Preserve or increase the asset value
  • Provide better returns for investors
  • Offer value alignment and sustainability

Managing risk drives financial performance and increases asset value. Successful ESG programs help to optimize operational performance, identify and mitigate risks and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

"What was once thought of as a 'nice to have,' a thoughtful ESG program is now a 'must have' for companies" - Mike Stiller, NASDAQ

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