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3 must haves for any investment
3 Must-Have Factors I Look For In Every Investment

3 Must-Have Factors I Look For In Every Investment Many individual investors find investing in real estate a fascinating venture. Most new investors start by “fixing and flipping” dilapidated homes. Finding old homes to fix up and flip for a profit is fun, but can

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the best way to invest $200,000 and it may not be what you think
The Best Way to Invest $200,000 in Real Estate

The Best Way to Invest $200,000 in Real Estate & It May Not Be What You Think Not too long ago, people buying million-dollar homes would qualify for millionaire status, that’s not the case anymore, but that’s simply the market conditions we contend with today.

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Real estate syndications or rental properties investing which makes you more money?
Which Makes More Money, Syndications or Rental Properties?

Which Makes You More Money, Investing in Real Estate Syndications or Rental Properties? When it comes to real estate investing one of the questions that I’m frequently asked is, which of these investment opportunities provides a better return? Individuals want to know if investing in

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are real estate syndication investments too good to be true?
Are Real Estate Syndications Too Good to Be True?

Are Real Estate Syndication Investments Too Good to be True? When you first learn what commercial real estate syndications are and how passive investing in a multifamily syndication works, your first question will likely be, “What’s the catch, this sounds way too good to be

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