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real estate cost segregation study what it is and how it can reduce your taxes and increase your cash flow
Reduce Taxes with a Cost Segregation Study

How a Real Estate Cost Segregation Study Can Reduce Taxes and Increase Cash Flow Since we’re coming up on tax season, it makes sense to address some tax-saving strategies used in real estate investing; depreciation tax strategies. There are essentially two ways that real estate

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Financial Independence vs Freedom what the difference is and the steps to get you there
Financial Independence vs Financial Freedom

Financial Independence vs Financial Freedom and the Steps to Get You There Financial Freedom vs. Financial Independence Perhaps you have reached enough financial stability that you have enough income passively outside of your day jobs to pay for the basic expenses. However, you might not

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real estate investing: cash flow vs capital gains investment income
Cash Flow vs Capital Gains Investment Income

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow or Capital Gains Investment Income – Or Why Not Both? Real estate investors, whether seasoned or new, are often looking for either cash flow or capital gains – or both. The one aspect of real estate that is so

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How to Transition From Single Family Investing to Multifamily Millions
How to Scale From Single Family Investing to Multifamily

How to Scale From Single Family Homes to Multifamily Apartment Communities It’s a well-known fact that most of the wealthiest people in the world are real estate investors on a significant level. In fact, 90% of all millionaires are invested in real estate. Real estate

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How to teach your kids financial literacy
How to Teach Your Kids About Financial Literacy

Teaching Your Kids About The Importance of Financial Literacy Has Never Been More Needed  We, as parents are always teaching our children life-long lessons. It’s what parents do to help ensure that our kids grow up to be the best version of themselves that they

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How Apartment Syndications Make Passive Investors Money
How Apartment Syndications Make Passive Investors Money

How Apartment Syndications Make Passive Investors Money I think you’ll probably agree that it’s not completely apparent how potential investors earn passive income in an apartment syndication. After all, a real estate syndication doesn’t operate in the same way as your local restaurant where you

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