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The Basic Phases of Value-Add in Multifamily Real Estate Syndications
The Phases of Value-Add Multifamily Syndications

The Basic Phases of Value-Add Multifamily Syndications There is a process to value-add projects when you are improving multifamily properties. Each commercial real estate syndication goes through a series of stages that help to ensure that these investment properties have a clear progression based on

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The Process of Investing in Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication
Investing in Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication

The Process of Investing in Your First Multifamily Real Estate Syndication When it comes to investing in your typical residential real estate deals like single family homes or rental properties, most people are familiar with that fairly simple investment process. Basically, you choose the real

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Why investing outside of your local real estate market may be best
Why Invest Outside Of Your Local Real Estate Market

Real estate investing outside of your local market can propel your net worth. Investing in real estate opportunities that are located outside your local market, in a metro area you are not familiar with, where you may not know anyone in this particular metropolitan area

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What are the key roles in a real estate syndication
What Are The Roles In a Real Estate Syndication?

What Are the Roles in a Real Estate Syndication? A great way to understand a real estate syndication process is to make it analogous to taking a flight to a destination. There are the pilots, the passengers, flight attendants, and many others that are brought

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7 ways non-accredited investors can invest in real estate
7 Ways Non-Accredited Investors Can Invest in Real Estate

7 Ways Non-Accredited Investors Can Invest in Real Estate As a new investor, it can be a bit disappointing when you’re exploring passive investing options and realize that a lot of those opportunities are available only to accredited investors. Take heart, we’ll show you lots

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Understanding Cash flow distributions in real estate syndications
Understanding Cash Flow Distributions In a Syndication

Understanding Cash Flow Distributions When Investing in Real Estate Syndications Have you ever wondered exactly where the distributions come from when you have invested in a commercial real estate project? This article will help clarify that question for you. What Actually Constitutes Your Quarterly Distributions?

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