A Guide on Real Estate Syndication Structures

A Guide to Real Estate Syndication Structures

Real Estate Investing: Understanding Syndication Structures   What is a real estate syndication? Commercial real estate investments have become increasingly popular as investors look to attain a passive role in their investments while developing an investment portfolio that will provide diversification and extensive tax benefits. Commercial real estate syndications can provide just that to real […]

Activities That Help Teach Financial Literacy to Your Kids

Activities that teach kids financial literacy

Giving The Gift Of Financial Literacy To The Next Generation Our children’s financial habits start forming at a young age – when kids are about 6 or 7 years old. Our kids are not taught how to earn money, how to save money, donate money or invest money. Most importantly, they are not taught how […]

Real Estate-The Best Hedge Against Inflation

Real Estate - the best hedge against inflation

Understanding How Sustainable Real Estate Investments Hedge Against Inflation Well, what do we mean by sustainable? There are very different interpretations of what sustainable is as it pertains to investments, but what we mean in this instance is the sustainability of the demand for that asset. Sustainable essentially means the tenancy factor – the level […]

The Importance & Benefits of Financial Planning

The importance and benefits of financial planning

The Importance & Benefits of Financial Planning  It’s very likely either you or someone you know have long-term goals that include having peace of mind by securing your financial future. So, you found yourself seeking financial security by finding a financial adviser for investment planning only to find you were being pitched some annuity or […]

Goal Setting Tips For Real Estate Investing

Goal Setting Tips for Real Estate Investing

Goal Setting Tips For Real Estate Investing That Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams     Do you have specific goals that you want to achieve and if you do, are they business goals or financial goals or are they personal development goals, or all of the above? Successful real estate investors know the power […]

Tips on How to Break Your Bad Money Habits

Tips on how to break your bad money habits

7 Bad Money Habits To Break So That You Can Increase Your Investing Potential   You’re probably one of those folks who ranks financial security high on your list of “must-haves”. You know financial success comes with learning as much as you can about money management, good financial habits, and avoiding the pitfalls of impulse […]

Real Estate Syndication And How It Works

real estate syndication and how it works

How Does a Real Estate Syndication Work? Your Top Questions Answered   What is a real estate syndication? A real estate syndication is the pooling of resources (capital, expertise, etc.,) by a group of investors – general partners and passive investors – for the common goal of acquiring larger real estate assets that otherwise would […]

Real Estate Professional Status to Lower Taxes

Reps Status Real Estate Professional Status

Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Professional Status (REPS) to Help You Lower Your Tax Burden As a general rule, real estate investments are a major factor in why the wealthy obtain and maintain their wealth. Why is this? You’re no doubt aware of the extraordinary benefits of real estate ownership that can […]

Understanding The Capital Stack In Real Estate Investments

understanding the capital stack in a real estate syndication

Understanding The Capital Stack In A Real Estate Syndication Deal The order in which distributions are paid out in real estate syndication investment opportunities is called the capital stack, and your understanding of how potential investors are paid is critical because you will want to know where you are positioned for your returns in the […]

Why Real Estate Is A Great Hedge Against Inflation

Why investing in real estate is a hedge against inflation

Why Investing In Real Estate Is A Great Hedge Against Inflation Inflation is defined as a general increase in consumer prices and a decline in the purchasing value of money. What this means is that in an inflationary environment the price of goods and services is rising but our earnings remain the same. Unfortunately, in […]