What To Expect After Investing In Real Estate Syndications

What You Can Expect After Investing In A Real Estate Syndication

What to Expect After Investing in a Real Estate Syndication As you may have discovered already, the very powerful feature of real estate syndications is the ability to invest in real estate and obtain all of the benefits of real estate investing without having to be a landlord. It is an amazing investment vehicle for […]

Real Estate Syndication vs REITs – What Is The Difference?

Real estate syndication vs. REITs what is the biggest difference between the two

What is the Difference Between Real Estate Syndications and REIT’s? Many real estate investors just want to put their capital into real estate investment opportunities and collect passive income. They don’t have any desire to be a landlord. Go figure. So, it’s not unusual to see investors turn to real estate investment trusts (REITs) as […]

Why Portfolio Diversification Matters to Investors

why portfolio diversification matters and how it is important to your investing

Why Portfolio Diversification Matters to Your Investing & How to Achieve it No matter what your investment strategy is, you will undoubtedly be advised about the importance of having a diversified portfolio. Portfolio diversification is often advised by financial advisors, fund managers, and various other financial professionals as the best way to lower risk, protect […]

How To Find The Best Real Estate Syndication Deals

How to find real estate syndication deals

How to Find the Best Real Estate Syndication Deals What Is A Real Estate Syndication? Can you invest in real estate without having any of the hassles and work, and day-to-day management, and risks of being a landlord while still making great passive income and having exceptional tax advantages? Yes, yes you can. It’s called […]

How to Invest Passively In a Real Estate Syndication

Intro to Commercial Real Estate Syndications

Real Estate Syndication Investing 101 A great way the majority of real estate investors “get their feet wet” is by making their initial investment in some form of residential real estate. Whether those initial real estate projects are fix and flips through sweat equity or buy and hold rental homes and duplexes for rental income […]

Are Multifamily Real Estate Syndications Right For You?

How to tell if multifamily real estate syndications are the right investment vehicle for you

How to Tell if Multifamily Real Estate Syndications is Right for You You’ve been conducting your due diligence on real estate syndicates and have found a great deal of information on how this investment strategy that entails passive investment opportunities in multifamily assets can produce higher returns than you ever thought possible. The power of […]

Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask Other Real Estate Syndication Investors

Questions to ask other real estate syndication investors

A real estate syndication is a group investment with other private investors in what becomes a Limited Partnership for those investors who invest in a commercial real estate acquisition such as a multifamily apartment community. For security and privacy reasons, it’s unlikely you may ever meet or even know the names of the other individual […]

Find the Best Places to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

7 Factors on How to Find the Best Places to Invest In Commercial Real Estate

7 Key Factors to Help You Find the Best Places to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Once you decide to invest in commercial real estate outside of your local area, and you are able to identify the best assets in the best real estate markets to invest in the United States, then you’re well on […]

Commercial Real Estate As A Hedge Against Inflation

inflation and commercial real estate hedge against

Inflation, inflation, inflation. There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom out there as it pertains to inflation. So here’s the good news — this is an opportune time to point out the different ways real estate can help you benefit during times of inflation –  especially if you take advantage of investing […]

How To Mitigate Risk In Value-Add Multifamily Investments Part II

How to mitigate risk with value-add multifamily investments

This is a 2-part series on value-add multifamily investments. In our Part 1 titled: What Is A Value-Add Multifamily Investment?, we discussed what a value-add was and how it was conducted on large-scale apartment communities and the benefits of value-add strategies when applied to multifamily investments. We also discussed the benefits that a value-add can […]