Are Storage Units Profitable?

Self-storage units

Are Storage Units Profitable for Investors? If you have been thinking that you would like to diversify your portfolio into self-storage facilities, you’re not alone. The self-storage industry is thriving with annual revenue of $39.5 billion dollars in the United States and growing. Self-storage properties can be a very profitable business with nearly 1 in […]

How To Set Powerful Goals For Your Real Estate Investing

Goal setting tips for real estate investors investing

Setting Powerful Goals For Your Real Estate Investment Business Most people only set a personal goal just one time per year, usually at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new year. It’s no wonder that most people abandon their goals within weeks or even days of setting them mainly because […]

Real Estate Investing As A Limited Partner – What to Expect

The Ins & Outs Of Real Estate Investing as a Limited Partner

WHAT TO EXPECT AS A LIMITED PARTNER IN A REAL ESTATE SYNDICATION What is a limited partnership in a real estate syndication? The best way to answer that question is to understand the two parties involved in a typical real estate syndication. You have the General Partners (GPs) also known as the real estate syndicator […]

The Importance of Focusing on Capital Preservation

The importance of focusing on capital preservation in real estate investing

The Importance of Focusing on Capital Preservation Let me ask you a question. What first interested you in real estate syndications? Most likely, it was the potential to put your hard-earned money to work for you to create a good return and thus grow your wealth over time. And in fact, that’s the number one […]

How Real Estate Passive Income Can Create Peace of Mind

How real estate passive income can create peace of mind

How Real Estate Passive Income Can Create Peace of Mind Most people only really know how to achieve active income. This is what we’re taught as kids – to go to good schools, get a full-time job and put any extra money you have into retirement savings such as a 401K  – without really understanding […]

What Passive Investors Should Know About IRR

What Passive investors should know about IRR

What Passive Investors Need To Know About IRR Passive real estate investors who are seeking an investment opportunity into a commercial real estate syndication have somewhat of a steep learning curve. There are a lot of terms to understand, deal structures and real estate markets to learn, as well as the investment returns that a […]

How to Evaluate a Real Estate Syndication Fast

How to evaluate a real estate syndication

How To Evaluate a Real Estate Syndication Investment Fast The First Glance New deal alerts in your email box can be exciting and fun to see what these real estate investment opportunities can possibly offer you in terms of returns. It’s sort of like a little gift that you can’t wait to open and see […]

How To Quit Your Full-Time Job With Real Estate Investing

quit your full time job with real estate investing

How to Quit Your Job With Real Estate Investing It doesn’t seem to matter how far into your career you are or how much current income you make, it can be pretty scary to know when the right time is to quit that corporate job to pursue the life of your dreams like starting your […]

Investing $50,000 Each Year in a Real Estate Syndication

What happens when you invest $50,000 each year in a real estate syndication

What Happens When You Invest $50,000 Each Year in a Real Estate Syndication? Fifty thousand dollars is a whole LOT of money, not to mention investing fifty thousand dollars each year into passive real estate investments. I get it. But let me show you how passive investing in commercial real estate investment opportunities can have […]

Are Real Estate Syndications Too Good to Be True?

are real estate syndication investments too good to be true?

Are Real Estate Syndication Investments Too Good to be True? When you first learn what commercial real estate syndications are and how passive investing in a multifamily syndication works, your first question will likely be, “What’s the catch, this sounds way too good to be true?” Receiving a regular cash flow distribution check in the […]