Helpful Ways You Can Prepare For a Recession

Helpful Strategies and tips to prepare for a recession

Helpful Ways to Prepare For a Recession We all know that real estate has its cycles. With the Federal Reserve continually raising interest rates and inflation out of control, most analysts and economists are predicting a recession, but it is unclear when that will happen. No one has a crystal ball to predict the next […]

How to Prepare Your Money for a Recession

recession and real estate

How to Prepare Your Real Estate For a Recession Inflation in the U.S. economy is the highest it has been in 40 years. The Federal Reserve is planning on continuing to raise interest rates at a faster clip than it has in recent years, which is beginning to cause a bear market. While it’s doubtful […]

How To Set Powerful Goals For Your Real Estate Investing

Goal setting tips for real estate investors investing

Setting Powerful Goals For Your Real Estate Investment Business Most people only set a personal goal just one time per year, usually at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new year. It’s no wonder that most people abandon their goals within weeks or even days of setting them mainly because […]

7 of the Best Real Estate Investing Books for Investors

The real estate investing best books for real estate investors

Real Estate Investing Books to Propel Your Wealth-Building Forward We have compiled a list and summaries of some of the best books available on real estate investing for both experienced investors and new real estate investors alike. These books provide expert advice on key topics such as flipping houses, rental property investing, how to build […]

Benefits of Investing in a Private Real Estate Fund

the benefits of investing in a private real estate fund

The Benefits of Real Estate Funds and How they Work Private real estate funds are fast becoming highly sought-after investment vehicles with passive investors but the concept of real estate funds has been around for quite some time. In fact, the concept of a real estate syndication and bringing individual investors together as a combined […]

Activities That Help Teach Financial Literacy to Your Kids

Activities that teach kids financial literacy

Giving The Gift Of Financial Literacy To The Next Generation Our children’s financial habits start forming at a young age – when kids are about 6 or 7 years old. Our kids are not taught how to earn money, how to save money, donate money or invest money. Most importantly, they are not taught how […]

Real Estate – The Best Hedge Against Inflation

Real Estate - the best hedge against inflation

Understanding How Real Estate Investments Can Be A Great Hedge Against Inflation Real estate investors are experiencing inflationary times as well as everyone else around the world.  These market conditions of higher inflation rates are pushing investors to seek more opportunities that provide an inflation hedge and lower their inflation risk with their investments. During […]

The Importance & Benefits of Financial Planning

The importance and benefits of financial planning

The Importance & Benefits of Financial Planning  It’s very likely either you or someone you know have long-term goals that include having peace of mind by securing your financial future. So, you found yourself seeking financial security by finding a financial adviser for investment planning only to find you were being pitched some annuity or […]

Goal Setting Tips For Real Estate Investing

Goal Setting Tips for Real Estate Investing

Goal Setting Tips For Real Estate Investing That Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams Do you have specific goals that you want to achieve and if you do, are they business goals or financial goals or are they personal development goals, or all of the above? Successful real estate investors know the power of setting […]

Tips on How to Break Your Bad Money Habits

Tips on how to break your bad money habits

7 Bad Money Habits To Break So That You Can Increase Your Investing Potential You’re probably one of those folks who ranks financial security high on your list of “must-haves”. You know financial success comes with learning as much as you can about money management, good financial habits, and avoiding the pitfalls of impulse spending. […]