What Are the Best-Performing Commercial Real Estate Assets?

The best performing commercial assets for individual investors

What Are the Best Performing Commercial Real Estate Assets for Individual Investors? Investing in commercial real estate can be a great way to create financial stability and diversify your portfolio. It also has the potential to generate substantial returns on investment. Some of the wealthiest people in the world are commercial real estate investors. New […]

Helpful Ways You Can Prepare For a Recession

Helpful Strategies and tips to prepare for a recession

Helpful Ways to Prepare For a Recession We all know that real estate has its cycles. With the Federal Reserve continually raising interest rates and inflation out of control, most analysts and economists are predicting a recession, but it is unclear when that will happen. No one has a crystal ball to predict the next […]

How To Set Powerful Goals For Your Real Estate Investing

Goal setting tips for real estate investors investing

Setting Powerful Goals For Your Real Estate Investment Business Most people only set a personal goal just one time per year, usually at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new year. It’s no wonder that most people abandon their goals within weeks or even days of setting them mainly because […]

7 of the Best Real Estate Investing Books for Investors

The real estate investing best books for real estate investors

Real Estate Investing Books to Propel Your Wealth-Building Forward We have compiled a list and summaries of some of the best books available on real estate investing for both experienced investors and new real estate investors alike. These books provide expert advice on key topics such as flipping houses, rental property investing, how to build […]

Tax Strategies For Real Estate Investors

Tax strategies that help real estate investors build wealth faster

How Real Estate Investing Can Save You Big in Taxes Taxes definitely aren’t exciting in the grand scheme of real estate investing, but comprehensive tax planning and tax strategy can help you reduce your taxable income and hopefully save you a bundle. High-income investors would much rather concentrate on investing in their next commercial property […]

Finding the Best Commercial Real Estate Markets to Invest

How to find the best markets to invest in commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Investing In High-Growth Markets & What To Look For As savvy real estate investors, we want solid commercial real estate investments. There are all kinds of commercial real estate assets to invest in to diversify your investment portfolio such as office buildings, the industrial sector, life sciences, student housing, data centers, and […]

Why Multifamily Investing During A Recession

Why multifamily apartment investing during a recession

Performance of Multifamily Real Estate Investments During a Recession I’ll bet you have heard this already, but one of the most reliable, recession-resistant investments that a real estate investor can make is investing in multifamily apartment units. Multifamily apartment performance during inflationary pressures outperforms most other assets in the commercial real estate sector simply because […]

Real Estate Investing As A Limited Partner – What to Expect

The Ins & Outs Of Real Estate Investing as a Limited Partner

WHAT TO EXPECT AS A LIMITED PARTNER IN A REAL ESTATE SYNDICATION What is a limited partnership in a real estate syndication? The best way to answer that question is to understand the two parties involved in a typical real estate syndication. You have the General Partners (GPs) also known as the real estate syndicator […]

Questions to Ask When Vetting a Real Estate Sponsor

Vetting a real estate sponsor the questions and red flags you need to know

Vetting A Real Estate Syndication Operator: 5 Questions And 9 Red Flags You Need To Know When you bought your last home you probably interviewed a series of real estate agents before you settled on the right one. You likely chose a licensed real estate broker because of their expertise in the local market where […]

A Guide on Real Estate Syndication Structures

A Guide to Real Estate Syndication Structures

Real Estate Investing: Understanding Syndication Structures What is a real estate syndication? Commercial real estate investments have become increasingly popular as investors look to attain a passive role in their investments while developing an investment portfolio that will provide diversification and extensive tax benefits. Commercial real estate syndications can provide just that for real estate […]