How to Invest in Real Estate With a Self-Directed IRA

Risks & Benefits of investing in real estate with a Self-directed IRA

How to Invest in Real Estate With a Self-Directed IRA – Understanding the Risks and Benefits Real estate investors know that real estate investing creates an enormous opportunity to build wealth and provides exceptional tax benefits. With a self-directed IRA, you too can be investing in real estate that can provide an attractive and secure […]

What Is A Real Estate Asset Manager?

What is a real estate asset manager and how are they critical to your investment?

What Is a Real Estate Asset Manager? When most people think about investing, they instantly think about stock market investing, portfolio managers, and the more typical investment management services for their retirement savings. The stock market and traditional investments such as 401k’s can be good options for many, but there are several other investment strategies […]

Real Estate Professional Status to Lower Taxes

Reps Status Real Estate Professional Status

Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Professional Status (REPS) to Help You Lower Your Tax Burden As a general rule, real estate investments are a major factor in why the wealthy obtain and maintain their wealth. Why is this? You’re no doubt aware of the extraordinary benefits of real estate ownership that can […]

Investing $50,000 Each Year in a Real Estate Syndication

What happens when you invest $50,000 each year in a real estate syndication

What Happens When You Invest $50,000 Each Year in a Real Estate Syndication? Fifty thousand dollars is a whole LOT of money, not to mention investing fifty thousand dollars each year into passive real estate investments. I get it. But let me show you how passive investing in commercial real estate investment opportunities can have […]

Reduce Taxes with a Cost Segregation Study

real estate cost segregation study what it is and how it can reduce your taxes and increase your cash flow

How a Real Estate Cost Segregation Study Can Reduce Taxes and Increase Cash Flow Since we’re coming up on tax season, it makes sense to address some tax-saving strategies used in real estate investing; depreciation tax strategies. There are essentially two ways that real estate investors can utilize depreciation tax strategies to reduce their tax […]

Cash Flow vs Capital Gains Investment Income

real estate investing: cash flow vs capital gains investment income

Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow or Capital Gains Investment Income – Or Why Not Both? Real estate investors, whether seasoned or new, are often looking for either cash flow or capital gains – or both. The one aspect of real estate that is so compelling is the various ways you can achieve cash flow […]

Why You Should NOT Invest In A Real Estate Syndication

Why You Should Not Invest In a Real Estate Syndication

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Invest in a Real Estate Syndication If you’ve spent any time learning about what we do as a multifamily syndication company, then you’re aware of how strongly we feel about investing in climate-resilient commercial real estate syndications. WE THINK MULTIFAMILY REAL ESTATE SYNDICATIONS ARE AMAZING INVESTMENTS – FOR VIRTUALLY […]